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MASS Housing

Our village and surrounding villages have seen a huge increase in the number of planning applications for housing developments, many of which are for large numbers of houses.


Whilst the village we believe should continue to develope sustainably, it is clear from many of the residents that there is a growing concern as to whether the infrastructure can sustain ANYMORE development. 


We have therefore started a petition and we need your signature - please sign the petition using the following link, and spread the word.


Unless we as villagers do something this VILLAGE and our WAY OF LIFE will change FOREVER.  

Many thanks for your support.



Since starting the petition we have been contacted by another group this is a National Group

started in in the home counties, but now is National.  We would URGE you to SUPPORT them as you have supported us locally. 

They have a GOVERNMENT PETITION at the time of writing up to 14000 - their aim being to get 100,000 signatories which would mean that the Government would have to consider debating this in Parliament.  They are arguing exactly what we are aruging.


There are 16 groups affliated to them from Essex already and we will be adding ours as well.


Please look at the website for more information. 


September 2017

We are in the process of closing the pertition and sending it off to Neil Stock at the Council, we will keep you posted on the results.




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